You may review the ALP website pages to familiarize yourself with the program. Class of XVII is planned for 2020-2021. Applications are expected to be available in December of 2019.

Print the ALP Recruitment Information Brochure or the ALP Class XVI Flyer.

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The Agricultural Leadership Program (ALP) is a signature training program of the Agricultural Leadership Foundation of Hawai‘i (ALFH), a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization established in 1982. This multi-disciplinary statewide program brings together promising leaders from Hawai‘i’s agriculture, natural resources management and rural community sectors. By combining strong leadership content with exposure to organizations, agricultural operations and community networks, participants develop their path toward becoming the innovative problem-solvers and leaders that are so needed in Hawai`i.


Through the ALP, participants will develop the knowledge, relationships, tools and skills that will enable them to be more successful in their work and other community endeavors. ALP trains individuals who have already demonstrated a commitment to lead in their line of work or community activities. This is not a training program in farm production. Visit the links to the left to learn about the upcoming class.

Agriculture is still an important economic sector of Hawaii’s economy but it is largely misunderstood by the average person. In these times where divergent views of agriculture tend to pull the sector apart, it is more important than ever to work together because the economic and cultural vitality of agriculture and rural communities has reverberating effects throughout our entire society. A healthy watershed is not only important for environmental sustainability but also contributes significantly to the economic success of diversified agriculture across the state.

If we as a community maintain that a healthy, thriving sustainable agriculture sector is an important piece of Hawaii’s overa24696864371_4149b215dc_kll future, we must continue to support those who will help get us there. We need strong, effective voices helping to show the way.

The following presentation provides evidence of aspects of growth among ALP Class XIV participants over the course of the program, as indicated by pre-and post-surveys completed by the participants. Click on the lower right hand icon to view in full screen mode.


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