Pomai Weigert

AgBusiness Consultant
GoFarm Hawaii
Pomai Weigert is an Agribusiness Consultant for GoFarm Hawai‘i. Pomai joined the ALFH Board of Directors in 2020. She became involved in agriculture over 10 years ago after an early-life start in Hawa‘i's Travel & Tourism sector. She helped build the Ali'i Kula Lavender farm on Maui from 2008-2011. Pomai then traveled the world conducting international agritourism research. She returned home to the islands in 2017 to share her knowledge & findings with Hawai‘i's agriculture and tourism industries. At that time she began her journey with GoFarm Hawai'i. Pomai has also been serving with the Hawai'i Agri-Tourism Association since 2009. Pomai is a graduate of the ALP Class VIII.