Jacob Tavares

Kulolio Ranch
Jacob was born and raised in Hilo, on the Big Island of Hawai‘i, where he graduated from Waiakea High School before earning his business degree at Gonzaga University. Soon after graduating, Jacob found himself on the island of Maui, tending to his families multi-generational cattle operation and working for Hawaiian Commercial and Sugar Company, Hawaii’s last sugar operation.  Following the final sugar cane harvest of HC&S in 2016, Jacob began working on the diversification of Alexander and Baldwin’s now former cane lands, starting Kūlōlio Ranch, a grass-fed beef operation located on the windward coastline of Maui’s central valley. A proud ALP Class XV alumnus, Jacob has served various roles for other boards and commissions across the state relating to the beef industry, soil and water conservation, legacy land preservation, and the non-profit community.